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First and foremost, Vienna is highly recognized as a top cultural destination, not only because of the conglomeration of fantastic architectural masterpieces but due to the variety of events one can participate in. Hence, if you wish to experience the cultural side of this European capital, you should unquestionably consider taking part in one of the following festivals.

  1. Wiener Festwochen – Vienna Festival

The Vienna Festival is one of the most remarkable European events, which is, primarily, a cultural festival, as you’d expect nothing subpar from Austria. This festival takes place since 1951, and it starts with a concert, right in front of the stunning architectural masterpiece, namely, the Rathaus, which is the city hall.

The architectural splendor is the backdrop for most summer Viennese festivals. Hence, not only you can enjoy a unique and memorable atmosphere, but the surroundings are not that shaggy at all.

  1. Vienna Jazz Festival

If you’re a jazz aficionado, this event is your to-go-to. The unique Vienna Jazz Festival is a fixed event in the annual festival series and provides much more than good music. One can enjoy an excellent variety of music, in the coolest venues.

  1. Music Film Festival

From 14 July to 4 September 2016, the town square accounts for the vibrant meeting place for travelers who wish to relish excellent music and enjoy the cultural ambiance of Vienna. You can also enjoy your share of fantastic traditional dishes. Such activities are the elements that construct those memorable summer nights you’ll remember during long winter days. Plus, the admission is free every day.

Without fear of contradiction, if you’re planning to visit Vienna during the summer, do bear in mind that the Music Film Festival is an enticing, unique cultural offer. The film music program aims at covering all genres, and you’ll be able to enjoy the movies outdoors, in the warm summer air.

  1. The Danube Island Festival

During the Danube Island Festival, the spot is transformed into a spectacular site for partying and good disposition. Around three million visitors consider attending this festival. There is a far-reaching variety of entertainment, to fit every taste and age. Concurrently, there are various activities you can further consider.

  1. Life Ball

The Life Ball Festival is also a prominent summer event based in the stunning European capital, which accounts for a major AIDS charity event. One characteristic feature of the event is the fashion show, which is typically organized by prominent designer figures. This project raises funds for non-profit organizations that help people suffering from AIDS.

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