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Many people love traveling to Mexico, but they often forget important items that could save them time, money, and major headaches. Here are some helpful tips to ensure that you have a nice trip in Mexico and you will enjoy your hotel or resorts when vacationing there: Playa Del Carmen All Inclusive Resorts – Some Of The Best In Mexico

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Pack Light:

First, when traveling to Mexico, try to learn a few basic words in their language. Research the area that you’ll be visiting, and familiarize yourself with the local customs. You’ll avoid expensive airline baggage fees by taking only two bags of the proper dimensions – and one additional bag such as a purse or small back pack. This way you’ll know that your items won’t get lost. Many items aren’t worth the hassle of carrying, and they can be purchased in Mexico if necessary.

Food and Beverage:

Purchasing food in any airport can be extremely costly, save your money for Mexico and use one of your carryon bags to carry snacks and sandwiches. Sunflower seeds, nuts, Chex mixes, and pretzels are all good travel foods. The street food in Mexico is delicious, so don’t waste cash on airport food. Always have some cash tucked away in a side pocket or even your shoe, in the event that you need quick cash for a cab or a bite to eat.

Although the food in Mexico is some of the finest cuisines in the world – don’t drink the tap water. It might make you sick. Check with your hotel to see if the ice is made from purified water as well. Additionally, be especially careful when drinking tequila in Mexico; there’s a wide variety to choose from, and the powerful effects can quickly sneak up on you.

Additional fees:

Many countries have departure fees and collect them upon your exit from the country, but these charges are included in the price of your ticket when traveling to Mexico, although this can change without notice.

To enter into Mexico, you’ll need these three items and documents:

  • Valid proof of citizenship such as a birth certificate or passport.
  • A photo I.D.
  • A Tourist Card.

Leave a copy of your itinerary with at least one family member or close friend, so you can be contacted if necessary.

Avoid Being a Target:

Don’t wear conspicuous clothing or expensive jewelry. Always keep your eyes on your bags, and don’t carry excessive amounts of money. Don’t forget your medication and carry a back up if you can. If you wear eyeglasses, carry an extra pair in your luggage. Leave all jewelry, unnecessary credit cards, and irreplaceable personal items at home. Carry your ID and passport separately, and avoid traveling alone. Be especially cautious after dark, and stick to well-lit areas. Consider wearing a money belt to keep any large bills hidden as well.

Getting Around:

You can rent a car in Mexico if you’re 25 or older, but you need a major credit card and a valid drivers license. If you prefer not to drive, Mexico has an extensive bus system that offers inexpensive and reliable transportation. There are two grades of buses, first and second class. First class is recommended because it generally includes air conditioning, and a possible stewardess serving cold beverages. Trains are another popular mode of travel here, If you take the proper precautions when traveling in Mexico, you’ll have the time of your life.