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Besides the Mayan ruins, Mexico is also well known for its coastal cities as well as islands that ensure top beach vacations in the country. Nor one nor two, there are over seven top destinations in Mexico, which are known for their beach fun. And of course where there are beaches, there will resorts, water adventures, and great restaurants. So, if you are planning a trip, consider both land adventures (hiking to the ruins) and water challenges (sports on and under water). Here are some of the top beach vacations in Mexico.

Playa del Carmen

Nobody can ever miss a trip to this fabulous Mexican Playa of Riviera Maya. This is the hip beach area where everything is accessible easily – walk to the beach, stroll on the shore, amble to the restaurant, and again turn back to the hotel. Further, swimming, snorkeling, and diving is really good along the white dunes, under the clear blue waters. And it is from here that the old Mayan ruins along with the most famous island resorts of Cozumel and Cancun are accessible in no time.


Yucatan’s this shoreline is the permanent address of several beach resorts along with the excitingly wonderful Caribbean beaches boasting clear waters as well as powdery white sand. Further, add to this fun, a myriad of opulent beachfront hotels, nightlife, and restaurants – the numbers of which are highest as compared to any other resort destination of the country.

Isla Mujeres

Accessible by Cancun/Cozumel; this offers only one beach, but is really worthy: Playa Norte. This is where you get some exciting opportunities: snorkel, dive the El Garrafón reef, and cruise (boating) up to the Isla Contoy wildlife reserve that is the home of an unpopulated beach as well as birds.

Puerto Vallarta

Welcome to the sole beach town of real colonial vibes along with the excellent resort amenities! Boasting 26 miles of beach, this is the scenic Banderas Bay and the town’s Playa Los Muertos that adorn Puerto Vallarta. The latter features parasailers, volleyball players, and palapa restaurants. Most of the beaches surround the bay within the coves and are reachable by boating only. Some more great beaches are in north of the town in Punta Mita where you will love the crystal waters, white dunes, and coral reefs.

Puerto Escondido

This offers the best-valued beach called Playa Zicatela that is known for its excellent surfing opportunities. Flanking it, are the other beaches with unique appeal under the shade of palms. And yes, you will love to come here again and again as the accommodations here are available at superb prices (budget and luxury both) along with the budget dining.


These two resorts offer the two contrasts: tranquil simplicity as well as resort luxury. Among all the beaches, the most scenic is Playa La Ropa that is very near to Zihuatanejo. For snorkeling, the Playa Las Gatas’ beach is the best with several sites for the thrill along with many restaurants too. In Ixtapa, the most wonderful shore is just before the Las Brisas hotel.


This is the site of some of the ideal Caribbean beaches in whose front soar small palapa hotels that throughout the year feature a bite of tranquility not to be experienced in the crowded mega resorts. This is true despite the fact that the town is very bustling. However, the shore is very serene. Leave the surf and you get to know all about the nearby ruins as well as a big nature preserve.

La Paz

The capital offers not only beaches, but also open-air eateries as well as playgrounds that flank the beach. The beaches are easily accessible from the downtown. The coastal attractions along with the offshore atolls facilitate swimming, kayaking, diving, and other sports.