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Denmark is a Scandinavian country and is bordered by Nordic countries and South Germany. The influence of these countries on Denmark is obvious. Denmark as a country has been one of the top tourist attractions of the world and every year you will have several people flocking here to take the sights in. Denmark’s tourist attractions are many and you can be assured that there is something for every age group.

Among the top Denmark tourist attractions are the Tivoli Gardens fairground in the historic part of Copenhagen. This wonderful spot is located at the city centre and is hard to miss. It is open to visitors from April through October. The Opera House in Copenhagen is also rated among the top Denmark Tourist attractions. This was thrown open to the public in 2005 and is located on a quaint harbor edge. It has been the spot of some wonderful made productions.


Children too have lots to look forward to in Denmark. The first place for them to head to is Legoland at Billund. This too is open April through October. Within Legoland is the must-not-miss attraction of Dive to Atlantis, in a themed segment of the park. Children will also have a whale of a time at the various zoos in Denmark like the Zoo Copenhagen, Odense Zoo, Aalborg Zoo and the Givskud Zoo.

The Faarupsommerland is also a wonderful place to go to. This theme park has three equally fun sections titled family, action and Aqua park. Rest assured that every member of the family will have something to look forward to. The Family themed area has activities that a family can do together at a leisurely pace. Adventure is for those who like an adrenaline rush and Aquapark is for all those water babies. If you are history buff then Denmark’s geological history is available at the Geoceter Møns Klint on Sjælland Island. Denmark Tourist attractions are plenty and you can plan a fun filled holiday anytime of the year.

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