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One of the best ways to discover France is to camp out during your holiday. Some of the top destinations for camping in France were Rhone Alps. This is the most popular of France travel destinations and is well recommended in camping circles. It serves as a starting point for several other activities like hiking, water sports, mountain climbing and more. La Brouquere is near a winery in Gondrin. The campsite is equipped with an open patio to lounge on as well as a pool to spend the day in.

If you are used to luxury, then the Luxury Eco Yurt is among the top destinations for camping in France. Located in North Dordogne it gives you all of the fun of outdoor camping along with amenities and facilities of a hotel. North Brittany near Paris gives you access to France’s beaches. The local seafood is amazing and a visit to Oceanopolis, a massive aquarium in the shape of a crab is a must.

Romarins is near Monaco and gives you some of the most memorable views of typical French countryside. If you are an avid gardener, then do no miss a visit to Jardin Exotique which is home to a large number of exotic plants. Despite being expensive, this is a favored destination in France camping. There are several other camping destinations you can choose from like:

• Le Val de Bonal – a manor

• Le Ranc Davaine in Ardeche

• Aluna Vacances in Ardeche

• Le Sablons in Languedoc Rousillon

• Domaine de la Yole in Languedoc

• Les Perchurs in Cote d’Azur

• Domaine des Naiades in Cote d’Azur

• Le Grand Champ in Chamoix

• Les Tilleuls in Gedre

• La Brouquere in Gondrin.

There are several camping spots that you can make your France travel destination. Select one based on your needs as well as the way you want to tour France.