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Prague is a popular tourist destination, visited by millions of people each year. At the same time, it seems to be a top-rated destination for organizing bachelor parties. There is no reliable data on the number of bachelor parties in Prague, but from social media and the number of clubs that organize these parties, the number is probably highest in entire Europe. Some even claim that Prague is the capital of bachelor parties in the world.

Here are some of their favorite arguments to why have a Stag party in Prague:

#5 Plenty of clubs and services at your disposal

There are plenty of clubs and companies that organize bachelor parties in Prague. Almost all of them have their website from where you can book a party at a time of your convenience. All you have to do is choose the main theme and what else would like to have at the party.

#4 Affordable rates

The average rates for bachelor parties in Prague are way lower than organizing the same party in cities like Paris, London, Berlin, Rome, Brugge, Amsterdam, or in any other Western European city. An entire bachelor party can cost you the same as an average night out clubbing with your friends in some of the cities mentioned above.

#3 Versatility

The only limit is your fantasy. You can have a perfect bachelor party with a stripper or two, or you can go completely wild with a dominatrix, lesbian show, limo party with a bunch of girls, and so on. You can even ask for something specific like midgets, cosplay, and so on. That type of versatility is seen and offered only in Prague, and rarely in any other cities in Europe.


#2 Cheap Flights

There are plenty of cheap flights to and from Prague. Almost all low-cost airliners have regular flights to Prague from all over Europe. Thanks to its location in central Europe most flights take from one to three hours tops, even if you come from a Scandinavian country. In addition to the budget airlines, other regular ones are a bit more expensive but offer a bit more comfort on your flight.

#1 Beautiful People

Both women and men alike that are part of these parties are gorgeous. At the same time, they are experienced and know how to turn on the heat on the party. Most of them speak good English so that communication won’t be an issue.

Hot people, affordable rates, selection of excellent topics, and cheap flights – what’s not to like? Prague is the true capital for bachelor parties, and everything points to that. So far thousands of folks have taken advantage of that and from the looks of things, even more, will do so in the future.  There is no reason why you shouldn’t make the most of it while not having to spend a small fortune. Plus, what happens in Prague stays in Prague!