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After you have completed your shopping and have had your fill of the concrete jungles of the city, it is time for you to take a stroll along the seaside resorts of France. They will provide you with an opportunity to fill your lungs with fresh air and adore the glory of nature. There are nine seaside resorts in France and their details are listed below:

The Biarritz Seaside Resort: If you already know surfing or are perhaps interested in learning more about this sport, then the Biarritz Seaside Resort is the perfect place for you. Located on the Basque coast, this colorful seaside resort presents tourists with excellent beaches, a picturesque port, and amazing cliffs. For entertainment during the evening, you might love to check out the garden promenades. The best time to visit this seaside resort is during the months of July and August.

Biarritz, Aquitaine

Côte Bleue: Lovers of nature in general and seaside resorts in particular will be enthralled when they pay a visit to the picturesque Côte Bleue that follows the Estaque Range between the Etang de Berre, the Gulf of Fos, and Marseille. The coastline of this seaside resort is craggy and is indented by deep coves. There are a number of tiny harbors as well as numerous seaside resorts like Niolon, Carry-de-Rouet, Sausset-les-Pins, and the Martiques. Grab hold of this opportunity to check out on the beautiful underwater trails.

Côte d’Argent: Stretching more than 200 kilometers, the Côte d’Argent is perhaps the sandiest, straightest, and longest stretch of coast in Europe. This is perhaps the best stretch for tourists who seek solace. The endless beaches, the high sand dunes, and the blue waters make it an attractive sight. The best time to visit this seaside resort is in July and August.

Côte de Lumière: Stretching for miles, and located close to a friendly town, the Côte de Lumière is perhaps one of the best places to enjoy your time. Clear water and beaches make this seaside resort stand apart from the others. Visit it once and you will want to visit it again. It is perhaps one of the friendliest and relaxing place to visit.

Deauville: Located just two hours drive from Paris, the Deauville Beaches, is famous for its numerous festivals, its cultural festivals, and its yachting harbors. Check out the boardwalk of the beach which is made out of exotic wood. This is perhaps one of the best places to enjoy water sports like surfing, jet-skiing, sailing, kite flying, bodysurfing, sea kayaking, catamarans, speed sailing, and windsurfing.

French Riviera: Few places on the world can rival the glamour and glitz provided by the French Riviera. In fact, it is so popular amongst tourists that it becomes extremely crowded during the months of July and August. This seaside resort was originally built as a winter health resort for the British upper class. Today it is accepted as one of the first modern resort areas of France.

The other popular beach resorts of France are:

  • Côte des Landes
  • Madame Vacances
  • Paramé