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For many tourists, Toulon may be associated with an open gate to Provence, probably the most beautiful region of France. Situated in an atmosphere specific to the area of Provence, close to the city there are immense olive groves, as well as lavender fields and stony hills, so characteristic to the southern area of the French territory.

Toulon is famous for being situated in an area with a typical Mediterranean climate. Because of this, the summers are hot and winters are mild as well. What is really strange, though, is the fact that this city is not crossed by any river. On the other hand, the favorable natural conditions have managed to create numerous grate places for wine production and vineyards. Currently, the number of acres has overcome 90,000, with most of them being situated in the department known as Var. In here you can taste some of the most prestigious French wines, such as Bandol, Cotes Varois, Cotes de Provence and many others.

Toulon and Mt. Faron

As a tourist, you will have the chance to explore some of the sights that were preserved very well. Therefore, you should always be prepared for insights into the locations described below. First of all, there is the Aix en Provence, which was the former capital of the French region known as Provence. This happened between the 12th century and the moment of the French revolution.

Next, Le Castellet is another interesting spot, being a medieval village located in the middle of a hill, from where you can admire the landscape offered by the vineyards of Bandol. In here one of the most important attractions are the narrow, cobblestone streets, which are are lined by numerous houses, most of them dating back from the 16th century

Toulon beach

Another important objective to visit is undoubtedly the Navy Museum, which currently hosted in an old building dating from 200 years ago. It is called the Royal Arselan, and from here to the roadstead there is only a very small distance.

A walk in the Provencal market is a unique experience. Here is the heart and stomach of the city, merged harmoniously into a huge outdoor market where abundant seafood, fish, meats and local cheeses, cooked recipes known only to old masters, many varieties of fruits and vegetables plus whole range of gastronomy Provencal.

If you want to end your day with a dessert, try a bowl of Les Marseillotes, a marvel of French confectionery chocolate made from natural ingredients, honey and almonds. If you finish earlier, do not forget about the wines.

Toulon port