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OK guys, so you’re sittin’ on that glorious white sandy beach, soaking up the sun, gazing out onto the beautiful turquoise sea – who could blame you for not wanting to move? but you’ll be sorry! Out there, within only an hour’s drive- you have so much adventure just waiting for you to explore! After you explored the best beaches around Cancun check out the must see attractions around Cancun!

Did you know, for example, that you’re only 40 miles away from one of the new seven wonders of the world? Now come on, you’d be crazy to miss the opportunity to go and see Chichn Itza’ ( that’s what it’s called). It’s a large site, a blend of Toltec and Mayan cultures in fact it used to be the capital of the Mayan Empire. Here you’ll find massive pyramids to climb, historic temples, a star observatory and the famous cenotes two huge natural wells and I’m not telling you what they found in them, go and find out for yourselves! Lots of gruesome history here! Best to take your time, try and avoid the mid-day sun and perhaps aim to catch the evening Sound and Light show you’ll be impressed! Don’t forget your sun hat, sun screen, comfy shoes and a camera you’ll need to take lots of photos to show the folks back home!

Another totally unique experience is only a 45 minutes drive away. Xcaret Eco Theme Park’ is a truly great day out. Here you’ll have the opportunity not only to learn about Mayan culture but also experience diving or snorkelling out on the barrier reef only a few feet from the shore. It’s the second largest in the world. Can’t swim? No problem, you can take part in a Sea Trek’ just walking along the sea bed (you’ll just need a swim suit and a helmet) how about that! You can also swim with dolphins here that’s always popular, right? They’ve got an underground river, a beach and an eighty foot high revolving scenic tower. The spa even offers a massage in a hammock! Plenty on offer for all the family. Take along comfy shoes, a bathing suit, a towel, change of clothes and a camera. The Night Spectacular show, filled of Mayan magic, will be a wonderful end to your perfect day.

Neither of these excursions is going to break the bank and there are plenty of agencies in Cancun to book with so go on, don’t pass up the chance to visit these unique places! Build some wonderful lifetime memories – the beach will still be there when you get back!

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