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Caribbean Sea is one of the most appreciated vacation places in the world, to this part of the planet traveling yearly millions of people, a large part of them departing from USA and Canada. Actually, the area comprises both the sea with numerous islands and the neighboring shoreline – USA in north, Mexico and countries from Central America in west, Colombia, Venezuela and Guyana in south, while the eastern side is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean.

Caribbean is a dream travel destination because of the heavenly looking islands and tranquil resorts lining awesome beaches, warm weather year-round, lush tropical vegetation, luxury hotels providing classy accommodations and services, all these things being highly enjoyed by people living in countries located in the northern part of America.

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The weather in Caribbean Sea is warm and humid because of the geographical location within the tropical area. However, due to the huge surface (4,020 kilometers or 2,500 miles in length, and 257 kilometres or 160 miles wide, with a total area of 2,512,300 square kilometers or 970,000 square miles), there are significant climatic variations and seasons with different characteristics in the zones making up the Caribbean.

Generally, the seasons in Caribbean region are influenced by the steady trade winds blowing from northeast, for this reason the islands located closer to the northeastern corner get a more significant amount of rainfall, while those situated in the southwestern side are much more arid. At tropics the seasons are split in two: one rainy (considered summer, from May to October) and one dry (considered winter, from December to April). The temperature variations between them are pretty low, the average ranging from 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24 degrees Celsius) in January–February to 84 degrees Fahrenheit (29 degrees Celsius) in July–August. Caribbean Sea is characterised by a hurricane season stretching from June to November, with most storms occurring in September, yet the hurricanes rarely hit the islands and the coastal areas, largely coming to end over the ocean.

When is the best time to visit Caribbean? The high tourist season overlaps the winter (or the dry season) because the temperatures are more pleasant and, more significant, the rainfall occur rarely.

Also, many vacationers want to avoid the hurricane season because they think there is a catastrophic weather and the risk is too high. Still, there are some islands like Aruba that are located outside of the hurricane belt. Therefore, the climatic variations between seasons are imperceptible and just perfect year-round for beach vacations. The quantity of rain vary very much from east to west, in west (in countries like Costa Rica and Honduras) occurring the heaviest rains, while in east (sites like Bonaire and British Virgin Islands) falls much less water.

Going on vacation to Caribbean is a sweet dream to many people, but visiting the area is not quite cheap, mostly because of the pretty large distance from USA and Canada to the gorgeous beach resorts settled on various islands, especially to those lying in the southern end. Like in any top holiday destination in the world, the peak season is the most expensive, in this interval all Caribbean hotels practicing the highest rates. On the other hand, most countries in the region depend largely on tourist industry, and as a result there have been developed many resorts providing all inclusive vacation packages, the huge number of accommodations making harsh the competition on the international travel scene for attracting more guests. This struggle leads to cost-effective travel deals, discount room rates, and vacation specials to Caribbean countries available in tourist agencies, allowing North American voyagers to take pleasure in extraordinary breaks at low prices. Anyway, savvy people know that the weather in Caribbean Sea is great in summer too (at least in some parts of the territory), and as a result they book vacation packages off season and benefit on all luxury features and splendid tropical environment at very cheap rates.