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Velebit mountain is the longest mountain range in Croatia extending in the form of a gentle arc from the Senjska draga cove and Vratnik to the upper course of the River Zrmanja to a total length of about 145 km.

Also the most spacious, beautiful and, according to its striking relief and vegetation, the most significant mountain in Croatia; because of the exceptional richness of the vegetation and animal world, and its numerous endemic species, it has been proclaimed a World Biosphere Reserve.

Velebit range

The park covers an area of 2,000 km2 and includes several other protected areas: Paklenica National Park, the rigorously protected natural reserves of Hajducki and Rozanski Kukovi (exceptional karst forms, and Lukina Jama, one of the deepest caves in the world); Velebit Botanical Gardens; Zavratnica Bay; the River Zrmanja canyon and the Cerovac caves, the most beautiful in Croatia.

The upper part of the mountain has been proposed as a National Park.
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