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Sihanoukville has Cambodia’s only deep-water seaport, and it holds great importance for the entire country. Then there are its trade center and economic zone, both very important to the country and not just the city. Its pristine beaches only add up to the overall importance of the area and make Sihanoukville a desired destination for both domestic and foreign tourists.

Sihanoukville villa for rent

All that contributed to an unprecedented flow of people, whether they are locals searching for job opportunities, Chinese people that look for investment opportunities and work, as well as tourists. To please all those people, the real estate market had to expand. The expansion started a few years ago, it still goes strong, and there are no signs of stopping. At least not in the near future. Villas for rent in Sihanoukville is something that is always demanded from real estate agents.

Where to find the best villas in Sihanoukville?

You start in the office of a local real estate agent and see what’s available. The real estate landscape in Sihanoukville has changed a lot in the last few years. Depending on location, renting prices have grown for five or six times compared to a few years ago.

Sihanoukville villa for rent

There is always a high demand for Sangkat Buon Villas. This neighborhood is located in the popular Mittakpheap district. The part between the Tor Pir roundabout and Phsar Leu Market is the most popular one in this area. In the past, you could have rented a pretty good villa for $500 per month. Nowadays, the starting price for villas in this region starts at $2,500.

Sihanoukville villa for rent

Sangkat Bei is a neighborhood that is also in the Mittakpheap district. However, the rental prices are not as high as in Sangkat Buon. But, they are higher than the year before. For example, if last year you could have rented a villa for $700, this year that same villa will cost you $1,500 per month.

The Waterfront

Sihanoukville’s white sand beaches are slowly but surely getting known worldwide. The number of tourists seems to multiply each year, same as real estate prices. The waterfront features plenty of villas, ranging from affordable to high-end villas for folks with the deepest pockets.

Sihanoukville villa for rent waterfront

Some of the best beaches with excellent villas for rent are Sokha Beach, Victory Beach, Otres Beach, Serendipity Beach, Ocheuteal Beach, and others. Many of these beaches are privately owned and are available for guests in the hotels and villas located there. Prices vary from beach to beach and depend on the overall quality of the villas.

Sihanoukville is on its way to becoming one of the most important ports, as well as tourist destinations in the entire region. Real estate prices, villas included, have skyrocketed in recent time. And the things that caused that growth remain the same. The local economy is going strong, the local economy zone is expanding, Chinese investments are record high, and tourists are coming in even higher numbers. So, consider your budget and your options wisely.