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Vrana Lake is the largest natural lake in Croatia, covering an area of 3,000 ha, 14 km long, about 2 km wide, with depth that does not exceed 5 metres.

The total area of the Nature Park is 5700 ha. In its north-western part the lake shores are covered with bull-rushes and reeds; this is an ornithological reserve which, in addition to harbouring numerous colonies of heron, also attracts the ibis.

The bottom of the lake is silt covered. Freshwater fish are numerous: carp, catfish, tench, crucian carp, eel and rudd, but since the lake is linked to the sea, sea fish such as bass, sole and grey mullet are commonly found in the waters.

Vrana Lake Nature Park

The near vicinity of the sea and mild climate attract numerous water birds during their winter migrations.

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(photo: Dnik)