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Paris – the City of Light, the place where all magic happens and the city which every tourist once to reach at least once in their lifetime. There are so many things to do that tourists can easily get overwhelmed and forget that they are now a minority in an entirely different culture. If you want to visit Paris without crashing your whole budget or insulting the Parisian next door, we suggest that you pay close attention to these things and try not to do them.

  1. Don’t buy tickets on the day of the show

If you want to go to shows or other attractions in Paris, don’t try to buy them on the day of the show. Plan your itinerary and book tickets online, so that you are spared the long lines which will most likely occur. You may also get discounts for booking them in advance.

  1. Don’t forget your manners

When you interact with people on the street, vendors or waitstaff, remember to always greet them politely. If you just grunt and go after you’re done with your business, you’ll just be seen as being rude. The same applies to boarding the Metro: wait until everyone gets off first!

  1. Don’t spend on bottled water

Many vendors will try to sell you bottles of water to quench your thirst after a day of touring. Instead of unnecessarily paying for water, you should carry a bottle with you at all time, and fill it when it’s empty from the Wallace fountains. Water shouldn’t be paid for.

  1. Avoid shopping in Champs-Elysees

While this avenue may have been very convenient in the past, now it’s just full of vendors that want to prey on tourists. Not only is it full of boutiques that sell products at outrageously high prices, the restaurants and cafes here are also the death of your pocket money. Local people would not be caught dead shopping here.

  1. Don’t stay all day at the Louvre or Museé d’Orsay

While these two museums are the most popular, there are certainly other touristic spots that are just as good. There will always be hordes and lines of people which you will have to ‘beat’ to see the art, so if you want to avoid that, keep in mind that there are other options too. Get to know the museums that are lesser known as well.

When you figure out what you want to do and don’t want to do, think also of your means of transportation. On short distances, it is recommended that you walk, but if you need a ride from and to the airport, you should opt for some Paris airport transfers that will get you safely and efficiently from point A to point B. And unlike the cabs lining up on the sidewalk, you won’t have to pay unfair prices to be driven a short distance. The company will fix a good price for you, and the driver will be there to pick you up from wherever you want, taking you wherever you want to go.