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Planning a vacation to Mexico? If your flying and staying at a resort, have a great time and don’t forget your passport!

If you driving to Mexico or planning on renting a car while your visiting, educate yourself first. The most important thing you need to know if your planning to randomly wander around Mexico is that it’s not as safe as you might think. While every country has it’s share of crime, Mexico is no different. There is always the right side of the tracks and the wrong side. Knowing which side is which is where you might have a problem. The best advice I can offer you, to keep yourself safe is: Do not go out after dark alone, be very careful even with another person or a group. If you need to take a taxi call one on the phone. Do NOT hail one on the street. Many people have been raped and murdered by taxi drivers. The difference between calling a taxi and hailing one. Taxi company’s that you call have reputable, bonded drivers. The one you hail, may be a Joe Doe making a living driving people around. You can’t be to careful.



In order to drive across the border in to Mexico OR rent a car in Mexico you must:
– Have a passport
– Valid driver’s License from your home state
– Credit card
– Purchase a driving permit (at the border or car rental business)
– Purchase car insurance (US insurance is not valid in Mexico)
– When you leave Mexico, you must return the permit

If your planning on staying in Mexico for more than three days or going more than 20 miles from the border, you must purchase a tourist card. Also available at the border.

Don’t be surprised if you are asked to step out of your car, and your car is searched. This is common procedure. (It scared me, I don’t like people looking through my pocketbook.)

Buckle-up, hold on tight and say your prayers! Yes, it really is that bad. Drivers do not use turn signals at all! A two lane road can become a three lane road in the blink of an eye. The pot holes are big enough to swallow a motorcycle. If your driving to slow another driver will push you right off the road. Have you ever seen a herd of cattle on the highway? I have, in Mexico! Do NOT drive at night, a lot of the cars do not have or use headlights? The street lights are minimal to none. When wandering aimlessly through Mexico, the no driving after dark goes hand in hand with don’t go out after dark!

Mexican money is the pesos 9 pesos equal one American dollar, the banks will exchange your money for you.

Spanish, some broken English. Bring your translation guide with you.

Winters are in the 70-80’s during the day
Summers are high 90’s and up
Humidity is 75%
So no matter what, the temperature you’ll feel like your baking!
Hurricane season is June through November

Tired and true as it is do NOT drink the water!

As, I’m sure you can tell, I don’t suggest you wander through Mexico but if you do just be smart and careful. I do highly recommend all the resorts, the beaches are beautiful and the security is excellent.