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In contrast to the rest of the Pannonian mountains, which are predominantly covered by forests, at 800 metres above sea level, here there are villages with meadows, pastures and small cultivated areas. Žumberak’s highest peak is Sveta Gera (1178 metres).

The relief is characterized by numerous valleys and water courses, which is a reflection of its geological structure and the considerable participation of dolomites and sandstone in relation to limestone.

There are several areas under protection: the Japetić forest vegetation reserve, the Gradna botanical reserve, and Slapnica – a protected landscape.

The flora and fauna of the area are rich and there are many rare and threatened plant species here. Cultural monuments and archaeological localities are also numerous.

Zumberak Nature Park

The beauty of the landscape attracts many mountaineers, tourists who come to enjoy rural life, and pilgrims who visit sacred sites.

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(photo: Modzzak)